Auto Loans in Huntington Station (NY)

Here at New York Auto Finance, we find you the loan you need at a rate you can afford. We have a vast network of lenders and dealers who offer online approvals. Simply submit your application, and we’ll start working to get you the car loan you need.

Bad Credit Car Dealerships in Huntington Station

Do you have a FICO score of 620 or lower? Bad credit is not an issue. We have dealers and lenders who help people with low credit scores, and they are hoping to approve you to finance the vehicle you want. As an applicant with bad credit, your rate of interest might be higher, but we can typically get you behind the wheel of a new car. You’ll typically be matched with a bad credit dealership or subprime auto finance company. These companies will report to the credit agencies. This is imperative if you want to re-establish your credit. Apply Now!

It’s easy to estimate the amount you can borrow. Simply multiply your monthly income by the income factor that corresponds to the state of your credit. We’ve included such an estimation, based on Huntington Station’s average per capita income, $4,713.

Credit Score Income Factor Amount Borrowed
Good Credit 10 $47,130
Average Credit 9 $42,417
Slow Credit 8 $37,704
Poor Credit 7 $32,991
Very Bad Credit 6 $32,991

Just because you can borrow a particular amount, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. A smaller loan is a good idea, because you’ll be able to pay it off faster.

Buyers with good credit can usually finance a car with no money down. If you have a bad credit score, however, your dealer may want you to provide a payment in advance. That is because loans to such consumers are much more risky for the loan company. Failure to pay is more of a concern, and a down payment helps to ensure that at least a percentage of the loan has already been secured. The good news is that, as the auto market recovers, more and more lenders and dealers should be able to offer auto loans with no down payment.

Just indicate your down payment amount when you submit your application, and we can often find you a lender or dealer who wants to get you in the driver’s seat, regardless of whether you have a down payment or not.

In House Financing Car Dealers in Huntington Station

If you have thought about working with a buy here pay here dealer in Huntington Station, thanks to poor credit, then keep in mind that they will most likely require you to provide a sizeable down payment. These dealers do on-the-lot financing, rather than outsourcing this to third-party finance companies. Without a doubt, the annual percentage rates are higher, but there aren’t many obstacles to credit acceptance.

It’s usually best to eschew these dealerships and opt for a car loan from a bad credit dealership in Huntington Station with more reasonable rates and conditions. Submit your application – it takes less than 3 minutes.

Huntington Station-Specific Financial Profile

Here are some average stats for Huntington Station residents.

  • Pre-Tax Earnings: $56,552 Per Year
  • Average Car Payment: $518 (11% of Income)
  • Suggested Car Payment: $377 to $471 (8%-10% of Income)

If you have bad credit, you’re not alone. This chart depicts how many people in Huntington Station are in each credit level.

FICO Score % of Population Residents
300-499 2% 1,580
500-549 5% 3,949
550-599 8% 6,318
600-649 12% 9,478
650-699 15% 11,847
700-749 18% 14,216
750-799 27% 21,325
800-850 13% 10,267

Don’t worry if you’re credit isn’t perfect, we can help virtually any borrower who makes $1500 or more per month, regardless of their credit score.