New York Lawmakers Set Aside Bill Prohibiting Tesla from Selling Directly to Consumers

Good news out of New York, its state assembly has decided to shelf a proposed bill that would have, if passed, prohibited Tesla Motors from selling its cars directly to buyers. However, the lower chamber of the Empire State adjourned its legislative session without acting upon the bill, an act of inaction that was a cry for freedom from sea to shining sea.

Though the bill would have kept all carmakers from selling cars directly to people, it was Tesla and its CXEO Elon Musk who had become the face of the opposition against the bill. Musk has said that if it had passed, he would have been forced to close the three Tesla Stores operating within New York.

Talking about the dangerous bill, Diarmuid O’Connell, a Tesla vice president, said, “Tesla’s goal has been to catalyze the market for electric vehicles and selling through intermediaries at this stage of the company will not work. It forestalls progress and defeats innovation.”

The primary opposition to Tesla’s direct-sales approach has come from car dealers, who, it turns out, are not fans of competition.